Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It Was All But a Dream...

So things with the house haven't progressed at all and we've passed the 60 day mark, rounding the 90 day mark.  I know.  I KNOW.  It's taking everything in me not to have a mental break down or scream or cry.  And what do we do when we're stressed out?  Nap.  At least I do.  Did my nap today give my brain a break from the crazy life that comes with purchasing a home?  NOPE!  Thanks, ya jerk.  What it did was give me a home buying nightmare (are we sensing a theme?).  It was awful.  And I woke up praying it wasn't real.  Want to hear about it?  OKAY!  The following is what I can remember:

The house was in a mall.  There were no doors to the house whatsoever and all the walls were translucent plexi half walls.  There was a waterfall in the living room and 3 indoor pools (all surrounded by carpet! Yikes!) in the home.  Did I mention there was no kitchen?  Did I also mention it was in a busy mall and I was fighting back the crowds from entering my newly purchased home while screaming, 'WHERE DO I BUY DOORS?!' ?? Did I forget to mention Britney Spears was also there?  The sad part, the biggest thing that terrified me was the thought of having to pay that water bill.  My dream self was asking how to turn off the waterfall and the seller told me, 'Oh!  You don't want to turn that off.  It drowns out the mall noise.' 

And hopefully it will also drown out the screaming regret of buying the house that was in a mall.

P.S.- (Whispering) Pssst!  Guess what.  I have a date this Saturday.  I know, I just peed a little too.  Fingers crossed that it all goes well...also, he's the outdoorsy, super athlete type so that previous blog about me being totally against outdoor life is between us.  Also, I'll keep you posted.  Also, if he's reading this, we're talking about puppies.  I have a date with puppies.  Because that wouldn't be weird.